At the moment I represent two orchestras in Italy. One of them is the Cadaqués Orchestra, an ensemble that I have worked with during two periods and which is famous throughout Europe for the energy of its performances and the expertise of all the musicians.

The Cadaqués Orchestra is a classical orchestra with thirty-seven members, synonymous with high quality and an enormous love of music.


The other group is Vesprés d'Arnadí, a baroque ensemble – also of the highest quality- that deserves greater international recognition given its high level and the vast imagination of its proposals.

VESPRES D'ARNADÍ is a baroque orchestra formed in 2005 by Dani Espasa and Pere Zaragoza. It offers versions bursting with emotion, freshness and spontaneity, using historical criteria and instruments. Its name recalls the concerts usually offered with dessert in the late afternoon (i.e. at the time of VESPERS) at the end of the celebrated banquets of the nobility and bourgeois organised in the 18th century. Pumpkin, sugar and almonds are the ingredients of ARNADÍ, one of the oldest desserts in the Valencian region.




"Every country should have a lively, passionate orchestra like the Cadaqués. The fact that it is an ensemble of Mediterranean origin with a clear cosmopolitan vision makes it a unique orchestra." 
Sir Neville Marriner, Honorary conductor of the Cadaqués Orchestra (1992-2016)

The Cadaqués Orchestra is a special case among European orchestras. It was founded in 1988, at the Festival of Cadaqués, on the initiative of a group of young musicians whose goal was to create an opening in the world of symphony music where they could express their enthusiasm, commitment and passion for music.

Despite the passing of time the orchestra has remained faithful to these principles: we are as passionate as ever about what we do, we enjoy every project, and we are absolutely committed to achieving the highest quality in each production.

Principal conductor; Gianandrea Noseda

Chief conductor, Jaime Martin



(Italy and South America)

Formación prioritaria de Cataluña en Música Barroca

VESPRES D’ARNADÍ is an ensemble specialized in the performance of Baroque music played with period musical instruments created in 2005 under the direction of Dani Espasa and Pere Saragossa. The aim of VESPRES D’ARNADÍ is to offer versions full of emotion, freshness and spontaneity using, in addition to their own criteria, different resources bequeathed in treatises, chronicles and other historical sources.

His name remember the concerts in the eighteenth century, were usually offered in the evenings (VESPRES in Catalan language) as a “dessert” for the distinguished dinners in the homes of nobles and bourgeois families. Pumpkin, sugar and almonds are the ingredients of ARNADÍ, one of the oldest desserts in the Valencian Country.

Among their performances, they include music festivals of Prague, Halle, Ostrava, Madeira, Santander, Santiago de Compostela, Madrid, Seville, Peralada and Barcelone.

Vespres d'Arnadí has recorded three albums under the label MUSIÈPOCA: “Pièces de simphonie” of Charles Desmazures; "Missa en Re Major" of Josep Mir i Llussà; "Anna Maria Strada" with arias and symponies of Georg Friedrich Händel. At the end of 2018 the group presented the fourth album entitled "L'Alessandro amante", this time with the countertenor Xavier Sabata and  published by the Aparté label.

Vespres d'Arnadí gets helps from the Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia and the Institut Ramon Llull for their concerts abroad.




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